Finding someone to keep you accountable for your goals is always a good idea, but first decide what your goals are.  Before you find a partner you need to set what you want to accomplish.  Is it weight loss, eating healthy, or working out more?  Everyone has different goals they’d like to achieve.  By having an accountability partner it gives you someone that will keep you on track to achieving your fitness or health goals.  They will help push you to give that little extra when you’d normally stop.  You can have more than one.  In my opinion the more the merrier.  I have my husband help me with my meal plans and help push me on my food.  I also have my sister and a good friend help me with my exercise goals.  Getting a workout partner is one of the best parts.  You can get a good session of laughter along with a great workout.  It can be as simple as someone to meet you for a run or as involved as someone who monitors your fitness app or food log to see what you are eating.  I suggest downloading the My Fitness Pal app.  You can track your meals, water intake, and exercises on one great app.



Be sure to make regular appointments with your partner and make sure they can always take your calls or text to talk you out of bad decisions such as buying junk food or skipping the gym or even a run.  They should cheer you on all the way and be your biggest cheerleader.  Of course adding in a little competition never hurts as well.  They can help you brainstorm when you get stuck or plateau in your weight loss or even get you back on track if you took a couple days or even weeks off.  Which if that happens it’s ok you can always start again.  Just start again and don’t quit.  It’s a lifestyle change which is a great thing, but you also have to live and have fun too.