Don’t deprive your body of nutrients it needs.  Your energy levels will drop and you may become dehydrated. This will make it difficult to concentrate, function, or even get a workout in.  It can be hard on your body physically, emotionally, and mentally.  A lot of people think to lose weight you have to eat less.  This is terrible thinking.  Replace that thought process with eating right.  Eat healthy foods like lean protein, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  To speed up your weight loss goals you should be eating something every two hours whether it is just a handful of almonds or string cheese.  This will keep your metabolism revved up making it easier to maintain your goal weight when you reach it.  You are trying to gain optional heath not JUST lose weight.  Skinny people can be unhealthy too!

Signs that you could not be eating enough could be:

  • you’re tired all day long
  • your weight has plateaued
  • You find yourself constipated most of the time
  • you’re always hungry even after a meal
  • You get irritable easy at anyone
  • You try to stick to a low calorie diet but find yourself cheating on it all the time
  • you are constantly thirsty you can’t get enough to drink

If you fall into this list take a look at your diet plan.  It is likely time for a change.  Yoli has helped me with all my health goals and I have kept my weight off for two years now along with gaining my health back.  Check out the products in our shop and let us know if you have any questions.