After a recent study looking at sleep quality and athletes.  It has shown that people who are training tend to have more trouble sleeping as opposed to non athletes.  Falling asleep and staying asleep can be hard at times.  First off you could be taking Melatonin at the wrong time.  Research has shown that melatonin can take around three to four hours to start taking effect so if you take it at 9 pm just before going to bed it could take until one in the morning before it affects you.  Also going to bed only when you are sleepy instead of following a regular routine by going to bed when you are tired and not having the same bed time schedule can catch up with you and be harder to fall asleep.

Counting breaths or numbers can cause anxiety instead of actually helping.  You fell asleep last night once you counted from 15 backwards but tonight you did this twice and still wide awake, this could be very frustrating and become even harder to fall asleep.  instead picture yourself doing something you love.  Let’s say you enjoy running, visualize yourself putting on your running shoes, stretching, and running down your favorite trail and picture what you pass along the way.  This can be so effective while trying to fall asleep.

Constantly checking the clock to see what time it is can make it harder to stay asleep although it could be a relief to know you have four more hours before you have to get up.  But to know what time it is in the middle of the night you have to wake up to a certain degree and could panic making it hard to fall back asleep, this could cause insomnia over a period of time.  It helps to play around with different sleep strategies to see what works best for you.

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