Getting back into the swing of things feels amazing!  Exercising more my stress is completely gone and I couldn’t be any happier with myself.  I was scared of change but everyone changes, everything changes nothing stays the same.  You learn, you grow, you experience new things.  Everything you encounter has some sort of effect on you happy or sad that is life, I learned that the hard way but I am a stronger person now because of it.  For most people these changes happen slowly over the years but mine was so abruptly this past year, but I made my own choices and I have learned a lot from those choices (some not good by any means) But this past year I have changed the most and I’m happy to be where I am in this very moment.

This past year I have tested my own limits, some made me soar and many have sent me crashing to the ground.  I cried more, laughed more than I ever have and to be honest spent a lot of my days in confusion.  My heart was broken, I lost friends.  Yet I learned that sometimes those “that’ll never happen to me” situations actually happen to you.  I also have gained some pretty incredible friends who have taught and inspired me more than I could have possibly imagined.  I have had more fun and laughed more this last year than I have in my entire life and you know why?  Because I chose to be happy and take one day at a time and I have grown so much.  I learned how to let people in and unfortunately how to let some go.  Am I proud of all my decisions? No.  Did I say and do things I probably shouldn’t have? Yes.  Am I proud of that? No.  Did it help me grow?  Absolutely!

Who I am now I’m not afraid to make mistakes, you learn from your mistakes and move forward.  That has made me stronger than ever and I am finally in a great place and I wouldn’t change anything about the happiness I feel with myself right at this very moment.  With every loss I gained something new, I haven’t figured it all out yet and I’m bound and determined that I will still make mistakes, but that is life it tests your limits and how you will deal with certain situations.  And that is okay.  I’m on this journey of life to be the best version of me, whoever that may be only the future knows.