Sometimes I feel like I’m just in a “funk”. Like I have no motivation or energy; I’m just sort of “blah.”  Have you ever had those days, and felt like that?  Most days I just don’t feel 100% but always feel better after I get a good workout in.  I will be honest I have been in a funk for three weeks now.  I had surgery and just lost motivation with moving into a new place.  But today I drug myself out of bed and did a workout which led to better choices all the way around.  I felt better all day, I had more energy today and even eat healthier than I have been the last several weeks.  I felt amazing today after that.  If you know what I’m talking about then you know it can be hard to get yourself out of a funk and get back to your routine. Just don’t take three weeks like I did.

Let’s say that exercise is not your thing, there are other ways to get yourself out of that funk.  Take a shower or a bath, read a book, do something creative, get outside or moving.  If you live in Iowa now is not the time to get outside, but you can go to a local rec center or indoor track to just go for a walk.  Meet with friends or even work on improving yourself.  I read a lot of self-development books, email me if you want a great list of the ones I have read and that have helped me.

Tomorrow is always a new day to start fresh and get your motivation back.  Get back into your routine as if you never missed a beat you will thank yourself for that!