See how far you can get, can you get to Z?

A- Crunches

B- 10 Jumping Jacks

C-  10 Push ups

D- 10 Squats

E- 10 Arm circles

F- 10 Mountain climbers

G- 5 Burpees

H- 30 sec wall sit

I- 10 Jump Squats

J- 10 Lunges

K- 30 Second right side plank

L- 10 High knees

M- 10 Tricep dips

N- 10 Sumo squats

O- 30 second left side plank

P- 10 Star push ups

Q- 10 Bicycle crunches

R- 10 side lunges

S- 30 second wall sit

T- 10 High knees

U- 10 Full squats

V- 10 Arm Circles

W- 30 second regular plank

X- 10 one arm push ups

Y- 5 Burpees

Z- 20 Russian twists


You made it!  Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but keep going anyway.