I know today it’s hard to eat healthy on a budget when you can go to McDonald’s and get a $1 burger while a salad is almost $7. It can be done, first off I plan my meals out for the week it really makes my life easier. I scan my fridge and cupboards for items I already have and make my grocery list on the items I need and plan with most of the ingredient’s I already have. Once I plan my meals and have my list made I stick to my list. I mean yeah I want those Little Debbie snacks staring at me in the isle but do I need them to add 5 pounds to my bum…. NO! Cook your meals at home I always have left overs and when I take my family out to eat we spend four times as much for one meal with hardly any left overs. Don’t ever go to the grocery store hungry you buy more things you don’t need just out of impulse of being hungry and everything looks good. Try and buy whole foods like a block of cheese instead of shredded. I buy generic brands they are cheaper instead of other natural name brands, the money your saving really adds up over time. I stock up on foods on sale as well and make sure it won’t expire before I use it. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables it is cheaper and will last all year in large bags. I love fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season, although during the winter I stock up on frozen fruit and vegetables. I always have a big garden with fresh produce so I can grow my own and can when possible. Hopefully these tips help you feel free to email me with your tips to eat healthy on a budget.