I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with bad thoughts of failure.  As I sit trying to decide what I should post today and can’t think of anything, maybe I should just quit not post anything anymore. There you have it many days I feel like a failure, this morning I didn’t read my book, I didn’t get my workout in, I didn’t start writing, or work on anything productive.  I did manage to get my laundry and house cleaning done though.  I cooked lunch and honestly sat in front of the TV today so far.  I don’t eat healthy every day, I don’t exercise everyday.  This seems to happen to me a lot lately, some days you just need someone to tell you everything is going to be ok and mean it.  Most days I do not feel productive and feel like I failed everyone but I know that is not true.

We need to stop being so hard of ourselves, which can be tough some times, We do things everyday that are challenging, just get us through the day.  someday it’s the same thing over and over, cleaning, picking up after the kids, the same work routine.  We get use to the same routine everyday and never just take time for ourselves sometimes.  Working out is my way to get rid of excess stress, I feel accomplished after I kick my own butt in a great workout.  It helps me to relax and unwind after a tough day, which I have had a lot lately.  It’s like I always feel like I’m being let down in a way, I was raised to be independent and if you want something you need to make it happen yourself.  I’m so glad I was raised that way, I try to incorporate that into my children as well so they will work for what they really want, even though they can always depend on me to be there to guide them as my father was me.

Sometimes we just need to take time for ourselves and see our self-worth even if you feel like you failed at life, failed your children, failed in everything you do.  We all know that is not true and no one can pick up the pieces and move one foot in front of the other for you, it’s up to you to make a change and move forward with your life.  Take a step back and think about what makes you happy, what makes everything worth it, focus on what makes you happy and I promise that terrible, horrible, very bad day will turn around.