It can be hard to find the time or the motivation to work out between spending time with family and a full time job or two.  Trust me I have two children, a full time job, am a Yoli member, blogging, and I still find time to work out.  Sure it can be challenging but it is exciting also.  Especially when you first start to see results it’s worth it.  I feel better when I work out and eat right.  The more crap I eat the worse I feel.  It causes me to have no energy and become a couch potato.  So I choose to be healthy and set a good example for my children.

Sure I have a workout gym at my house which makes it easier. I don’t have to go to the gym which makes it more convenient for me, but you do not need a full gym to get a great workout.  Check out my body weight cardio workouts plus my 30 day challenge.  It is all done with your own body weight.  Plus I love to run.  Download the couch to 5K app it is great and I love the motivation it gives me.  Plus I feel like I don’t want to stop running at the end.

“Meal prep, who has time for that” you may ask yourself?  I use my weekend to get ready and grocery shop for the upcoming week.  Sure I’m spoiled and my husband grills all my protein for me for the week, but he also does it for himself.  We eat healthy together granted that he is trying to gain and I want to lose weight, but it works better when you do it together.  It feels amazing when you see your six year old grab an apple or an orange instead of going for potato chips or box cookies.  We set an example for our children that watch our every move.

My nine year old and six year old love to work out with me when I head out to the workout room.  They are always right behind me.  I have several pictures and videos of them that I will post.  I am working on them doing a 5K with me even if we have to walk most of it.  At least we will do it together.  If I don’t set up a time to work out I won’t do it.  I have to do cardio as soon as I wake up, it makes me feel refreshed in the morning and clears my head.  Sure it can be hectic with all the birthday parties, sports events, sleepovers, and school activities, but without setting aside the time to get a workout in just is not an option for me.  I always set aside “me” time whether it is cardio or weight training.  I do it for myself to release stress.

Ask your spouse for help and set a schedule.  You will thank yourself for it and feel great in your fit body.  The energy you will have will amaze you.  They can’t read our minds so sit down together and map out a time that work best for you.  Maybe they will want to do it with you?  Make a schedule you will be able to stick to.  It is not about finding the time it’s about making the time.