What are your goals and dreams?  One of my main goals has always been to lose weight and get a lean healthy body!  I’m still working on that.  It takes a lot of dedication and discipline.  Sure it’s easy to just grab a burger or a piece of pizza at a gas station, but the more you eat like crap the more you feel like crap!!  Yes it takes a lot of preparation.  Weighing all your food counting out 32 peanuts per serving, but it is so worth it in the end.  I’m the worst at prepping for the week but my husband is so supportive and helps with everything. OK OK he does almost all of the prepping lol.  All I have to do is eat.  I know I’m spoiled.  He cooks all the meat up for me so I only have to worry about what side I’m going to have whether it’s a protein day or a carb day.  But if you get into a routine you don’t even notice that your co workers are laughing while you count out 32 peanuts and eat them like that was the most satisfying snack you’ve ever had!  You get set in your ways and find your natural groove that eating healthy and making better choices feels sooo good.  Sure I still find myself smelling the kids candy and thinking how great that would taste, but after I eat it I know I will feel guilty and probably sit on the toilet with a belly ache and no one wants that!!  You said you would start on Monday well guess what it is MONDAY!  Don’t let another week pass you by.  If you are like me and find yourself in a rut let’s get out of that mindset.  It’s mind over matter.  Let’s set the alarm and drag ourselves out of bed.  No matter how many legos or toys we trip over to shut that alarm off let’s start fresh, get our groove back, and hit those weights again.   Let’s quit pushing snooze.  Trust me you will thank me for it.  My husband just did a classic physique body building competition and oh that was so motivating sitting in the front row watching all those amazing woman strut their stuff across that stage.  They were so confident in the bodies they had because they worked hard day in and day out to look that great.  Plus the diet goals they had to maintain. I couldn’t imagine doing that cut after seeing what my husband went through, but it was so worth it for him in the end. He ended up getting 1st place in his first ever show!  He has qualified for nationals and I couldn’t be more proud of him and defiantly can’t wait to watch the next show!  The commitment it takes to gain muscle and eat clean.  I want that and I will have it.  It’s a dream that I am going to make a reality!  I am already more healthy than I have ever been.  I feel great inside out, and can not wait to start running again, but like everything you need to start off slow and easy.  Don’t jump into running 3 miles in one day.  Slowly work up to it.  I personally love the couch to 5k app I have used it several times and it is one of the best if you literally just got off the couch.  Let’s get motivated and do this together, meet me at the bar……..with weights!