If you’re packing a lunch for your child every day you may have noticed that while it can be challenging to find something healthy that your child will eat while making sure they get the nutrients they need.  I know my kids get excited about helping pack their lunch and they love having choices to chose from.  I usually pack a sandwich with lean low sodium lunch meat on wheat bread, adding lettuce, pickles, and mustard of course. I put the pickles separate so the bread does not get soggy.  Or you can you can use a whole grain tortilla and make a wrap for your child.  I also will add fresh fruit such as a banana, orange, or an apple.  Fresh veggies such as carrots or celery with a little ranch for dipping are a huge hit with my children.  You could also add in grapes and cheese cubes which is my daughter’s favorite paired together for a great healthy side.  I stay away from the sugary juices and have them grab a milk or send a bottle of water for them to mix in a true lemon pack or Yoli passion drink. Both drink choices are so good for them with several flavors to chose from.  And finally for dessert I pack a granola bar or my famous protein bites (the recipe is on this site check it out).  You can’t go wrong with these choices.  You and your child will both be happy so it’s a win for both of you.