Staying inspired all the time is impossible, but staying inspired at least for a little while every day is very important to achieving your goals.  Here are some simple ways to stay inspired.

  • Make a list.  Organize your tasks by production time, complete simpler tasks early in the day so you can focus on big projects.
  • Take a breather.  Work on a tasks for 50 minutes and then allow your self 10 minutes to unwind before continuing again.
  • Refresh your workplace.  Tidy up your work place and add items or photos that inspire you.
  • Prove yourself wrong. We are all guilty of the “i can’t” thinking.  Recharge yourself and try something new, see how many more doors you will open for yourself.
  • Reflect Daily.  At the end of the day sit back and review your tasks, check off the projects you accomplished and plan your goals for the following day.