What I learned on this journey of life so far:

Not everything is as it seems and everything actually happens for a reason. We walk down this path and the people who come into our lives are meant to be there, our paths were meant to cross for one reason or another.  We get treated the way we treat others.

You learn and grow from your mistakes, that is the lesson of life.

You learn to forgive but to never forget.

Life is about the journey and not about the destination, more important it is about who is by your side!  Everyone deserves a second chance, I’ve had my fair share of second chances.

You need to believe in yourself if you want everyone to believe in you.

The more we express our gratitude the more things we will be grateful for.  I am so grateful for my amazing friends and family I have by my side every step I take.  Nothing happens over night everything takes time, patience is a virtue.  This is something I tell myself everyday.

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!  Either to teach us a lesson or to help us grow as a person.