Some people think that if you fall off the wagon once during the day, your whole day it ruined.  If you get off track or have something you shouldn’t its ok.  It’s called life.  Your whole day does not have to be ruined by one bad choice.  Pick up the pieces and start again.  One bad meal does not ruin your whole progress.


If you have gotten off track take a look at why?  Are you tired, not eating enough, or just plain have no energy?  You can fix that by changing the way you eat.  If you take in a lot of sugar you will feel more hungry, tired, and left with no energy.  If you eat healthy you will feel better with a lot more clarity.  If you find yourself in a slump snap out of it.  Quit pushing that snooze button on your goals!


If you fall off you did not fail.  We are only human.  Remain strong and positive.  Make a board of your goals and look at it every day.  That helps me stay on course.  Look in the mirror in the morning and say out loud “I got this, I can do this.”  Tomorrow is another day.  Start strong and stick to your goals.  The hard work will be worth it!  I believe in you and want to hear about your goals, when you have reached them, and if so how long did it take?