Getting rid of the lower belly bulge is the hardest part to sculpt trust me I know I had a problem with that as well.  Doing these exercises helped me, it was hard I couldn’t do the whole workout for the full time at first but I worked my way to it.  Do what you can start at 30 seconds if that is all you can do of the full minute.  I did this 4 times a week and loved how it is helping me!  Here is the exercises do as many as you can in the allotted time.


1 minute Lying Leg raises

1 minute Reverse crunches

1 minute Flutter kicks

30 seconds Elbow to knee alternating

30 seconds Jack knife sit-ups

30 seconds Leg Pulls

30 seconds Leg circles

Try to get three rounds with a rest in between rounds.  If you can’t at first that is fine work your way up to it, I honestly couldn’t get through the full third round my first couple of times.  You can do it I believe in you!!