Resolutions are simply things you “resolve” to do.  But Goals are a completely different thing, and much more likely to be successful than anything you “resolve” or “plan to do later.”  So think more about those resolutions as goals, and you are more likely to see success.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, become more active, or gain a new relationship allow yourself to stick to your goals and make your dreams a reality.  Often enough everyone makes a New Year resolution and honestly by February they are non existent and you completely forget about them.  But a goal you set a particular date you want to achieve that goal and if you don’t reach that goal in the given time you continue to get into a routine until you reach it.  Knock it out of the park and set up another goal to crush.  Once you see results it becomes addicting and satisfying to repeatedly hit your goal.  So instead of making a resolution this year mark your calendars and set your goals today!