Sorry I am posting this quite a bit late.  My competition was great.  I thought I would be nervous but ended up being extremely at home on the stage.  Once the time came to step on stage I was ready.  All the reps, meal preps, food cravings, and sore muscles leading up to that moment.  I was prepared and it felt that way.  The event went way too quick though.  I took 1st place and have now qualified for nationals.  To get more practice in I’m entering another in August before the national show in Miami Florida in November.  When I weighed in at this show I was at 153lbs.  My goal is to be at 165 at weight ins come November (165 happens to be my limit for my class).  Its going to be difficult to attain, but its a goal I know I can accomplish with the right game plan.  I have been bitten by the bug and it feels good.