It was an amazing day with The CEO, founders, and great leaders.  One thing that still sticks in my head is what Robby Fender- CEO had said at the very end of the day, “Set yourself on fire with Enthusiasm, people will come from miles to watch you burn.”  I plan on doing just that and take action.  I’m thankful for all the amazing people we were able to listen to yesterday.  Our CEO Robby Fender is always full of excitement that is contagious.  He had spoke about ” the wind in your sail” meaning you can’t control the direction of the wind, but you can control the direction you go!  Like Robby said “we are in the human being business,”  how true is that?

Eugene Hong:  What an inspiration to listen to him yesterday teaching us about the 8 stages of growth and how to troubleshoot if you get stuck on a stage.  I loved the slides that explained the stages in full detail, how to achieve them, along with a handout for a reference guide to go over as you achieve each stage.  The visual demonstration of the effects of the “taproot” and how it grows was amazing.

Myra Feliciano: This incredible woman discussed how to manage objections and there was a lot of great information.  I love how the formula L-Q-E-T (listen, question, emphasize,  and test) and the nine rules on how to deal with objections are easy to relate to and use for anyone that has doubt about Yoli.  At the end of her presentation her story about how she should have contacted her friend.  She had assumed her friend just couldn’t afford the program.  This person in the end reached out to her.  What she should have done is simply contacted her to ask, “how are you”, “how are things going”, and “how can I help”.  We have used this approach in contacting several people just by asking those questions, thank you Myra.

Brian McCoy:  Presented on the art of inviting.  The scripts were great.  I will use them most defiantly every day when I call someone.  I still remember what he said about emotions. How we let fear get in the way of our decisions based on emotions.  Wow, how eye opening and so true when you think about it. There are people that I wouldn’t contact due to fear, but that is where the Mel Robbins 5 second rule comes into play and just do it!

Jeanie Fountain:  What an inspiration she has been to Nate and I.  She discussed about vitals.  Are you taking action?  Are you tracking your outcomes?  Are you assessing the outcomes?  And about the follow up diagnosis and the inviting.  Take action, follow up, and duplication will be so much easier with her plan of care:

  1. Get an accountability partner
  2. Set short term and long term goals
  3. Make a daily action plan and follow through
  4. Launch and re-launch your existing members
  5. Track your outcomes
  6. Be happy
  7. Have FUN

Like Jeanie taught all of us “Your vibe attracts your tribe!”

It was such a great take from yesterday and all the love and support we feel being a part of Yoli is just over the top amazing.  Nate and I can’t wait to continue to grow with each other and help many more lives!!  Thank you to the amazing people we spent the day with yesterday!!

The CEO and the founders, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Robby Fender, and Kale Carlile thank you!

Rose Plettner Goodding Robinson:  You are such an inspiration to Nate and I.  We look forward to meeting with you soon.  What other company reaches out to members like Rose and Jeanie?  We are very fortunate to have such amazing and supportive people in our lives that help push and challenge us.  You all are amazing and we love your energy.

Dr Aaron Street:  His videos are always eye opening. The nursing home or the cruise ship you choose!  Yoli has systems and systems create synergy for compounding results and maximizing impact in optimal health with a side affect of weight loss.  “Be selfish about your own health!  It is the least selfish thing you can do!  If you aren’t at your best physically, or if you don’ feel good about yourself, how can you fully be there and show up at your best for the people you care about?”  -Dr Aaron Street

Yoli Blue Diamonds

Yoli Diamonds, Nate and I will be on that stage next year!