I started Yoli at the end of February and since then I have felt great and gained energy that I haven’t had in a long time.  I tried a lot of diets that were either too strict, too complicated, starved you, or flat out didn’t work.   I couldn’t get the weight off after having my second child and let alone keep it off.  I would see Danielle Hansel post on Facebook about Yoli.  So I messaged her and asked “tell me about Yoli”.  She came over to meet with me and after speaking with her and watching the videos I knew I wanted to try it.  Especially after seeing how people like myself transformed their lives. Now I am on the path to achieve exactly that. Yoli is a lifestyle change not just another diet.  After the first month I was down 15 lbs and over 20 inches.  It was nice to be down to the pant size I haven’t worn in years.  My determination keeps getting stronger every day.  I injured my knee while running last summer and was told I would have to stay off of it and possibly have surgery.  So I quit running all together. Since taking the Alkalete my knee has far less pain and I can run much further than I could in the past and it is getting better by the day.  My goal is to become more lean and reach 125 pounds.  Check in to see me reach my goals and you can do the workouts with me tp see how easy it is to be healthy.

steph-progress-1  steph-progress-2steph-progress-3