It’s that time of year again and all you here is “new year, new me,” or “this will be the best year yet.”  Go ahead and roll your eyes but I do believe this is going to be the best year yet!  First I am going to build more experiences, build new adventures even if it is out of my comfort zone.  For example I am training for a figure competition that I can not wait for, that is defiantly out of my comfort zone.  You hear everyone say I’m going to the gym more and then stop after a few months, but I am trying a new experience see what happens when I don’t give up.  I am going to explore something new, the world is a big place so why not go on a weekend adventure to someplace I have never been!  You can never have enough friends so why not meet some new people a long the way, I believe you meet some people for a reason that your paths cross not just by chance.    I want to travel more with my family, I have a very close family and I am very fortunate for that so anytime spent with the ones I love is always a great time.  We plan on going to Florida in October so let that planning begin, we always have a blast when we are all together.  Plus all the memories we make when we get together.  That is what I want most for 2018 is to make the most of the memories with my friends, family, and loves ones by my side.  What is your New Year resolution??