Ian Wellington

My name is Ian. I am 28 years old. I have been taking Alkalete for about 1 year. My entire life I have always been into fitness, working out and eating healthy, but I still wound up with inflammation in my back.  A lot of the inflammation came from years of weightlifting.
When Alkalete was recommended to me I was hesitant because I thought it was just another weight loss fad and wasn’t interested in losing weight. After doing research and seeing what it did for others I decided to start using Alkalete. Before taking Alkalete I was taking anti inflammatories off and on to get rid of my back pain, going to my physical therapist 4 times a mont,  and taking medication to help me sleep because the back pain was so bad it would interrupt my sleep.
Within the first week of taking Alkalete my back pain improved. After 30 days I was able to stop taking medication for sleeping and after 60 days was off medication for my back pain. I have not had to take any medication since then and have been pain free.
Alkalete has also helped me in the gym. It has helped me recover faster and allowed me to workout harder and even though my weight and body fat has never been an issue for me it has caused a significant reduction in my overall body fat percentage while allowing me to continue to gain muscle mass.
I would highly recommend Alkalete to anyone who is looking for overall better health.
It is not a fad or a temporary fix it has helped improve my overall health and I have never felt better

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December 24, 2016

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