Building that V taper is a very sought after look.  Here is a routine I have used to not only build that mind to muscle connection but to add the width in my upper lats that I have today.  I tried for nearly a year to spread my lats.  This routine gave me that ability.  Remember to give a hard squeeze at the top of each rep and control the eccentric portion of the rep as well.


  • Standard cable pulldown
    1. 2 warm up sets
    2. 50% of working weight
  • Wide cable pulldown (just beyond shoulder width)
    1. 3 sets
    2. 8-12 reps
  • Single arm softball grip pulldown
    1. 3 sets each arm
    2. 8-12 reps
  • Dumbell Pullover (using weight bench)
    1. 3 sets
    2. 8-12 reps
    3. Lower weight until you can feel the stretch in lats
  • Machine Pullover
    1. 3 sets
    2. 8-12 reps
  • Standard pull ups (or assisted)
    1. 50 total reps
    2. Use as many sets as needed

*60-90 seconds rest between sets

Printable version: Lat V Taper


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June 17, 2017

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