Stephanie Dooley

I started Yoli over two years ago now.  I would see my friend Danielle, how much energy she had, how happy she was, and how she lost all kinds of weight.  There I sat stressed out, angry, and so over weight without any energy at all.  My daughter was asking me why I was so mad all the time.  I decided it was time for a change!  I called Danielle and asked her to come over and tell me about Yoli.  I have tried so many diets that didn’t work, were too strict, starved you, or where you take weird drops.  Well after watching the videos and talking to Danielle I knew that the Green Yoli box full of hope was not leaving my house.  I signed up as a PC that night.  I just knew that Yoli was the answer that I had been searching for!!  I started the next morning and I will admit the first week was hard but I stuck with it.  I decided after two weeks to step on the scale and I was down 13 pounds. I did my measurements and was down over 15 inches.  It was great. I had more energy than ever, I was in a happy mood, I was becoming like Danielle and I loved it.  Everyone could also see how the products were helping me and that my mood changed.  I was no longer angry.  I was happy and wanted to get back to running again like I use to.  I had injured my knee (a torn meniscus) and I was told I would need surgery if I wanted to continue running so I quit running all together and gained a lot of weight along with being depressed.  But after two months on Yoli I hit my goal weight and started running with no knee issues.  I went back to the Dr for a checkup and she was shocked I didn’t need surgery and my knee looked great.  I got the go ahead to keep doing what I was doing. I now do multiple 5k’s and obstacle runs each year now.  I jumped on the fitness train and lift several times a week and do cardio almost every day. I am currently training for a figure competition in April, I’m so excited to see my outcome.  I love what Yoli did for me both my kids are on Yoli as well and I love that they are learning to read labels to watch what they eat by making healthier choices.  I love that my 9 yer old daughter will ask” mom is this our protein day or meal day”.  I became a member just 3 short months after signing up.  I want to share this gift of health with everyone that I love and care about.  I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people that I now call my good friends and my Yoli family.  The support system you get with Yoli is amazing and this is just the beginning of my journey and is feels so rewarding.  This is what god had planned for me.  I now know my purpose is to change and inspire lives as mine was.  I’m working toward getting a car paid for by Yoli and I’m almost there.  How many companies give you a car for helping people seriously??  I love Yoli and you will to!


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July 5, 2017

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