I have not had very much motivation in the last several months but I’m back and more ready than ever. I want to first love myself again and not look in the mirror and want to break it. The enjoyment I get when I start seeing progress and the weight dropping is the most exciting part of my excessive working out, it is rewarding to see the scale drop and the feeling I get after my runs in the morning I feel accomplished and have so much energy throughout the morning. Then lifting weights at night and seeing the muscles start to tone and take shape is so rewarding. I want to look in the mirror and smile and like what I see. Changing my diet is key and the first step to a healthier life style. I currently starting taking Super Youth it so far has made my joints feel much more mobile. I had a torn meniscus several years again and refuse to have surgery, my Dr told me to lose weight and that will help tremendously along with strength training. Last summer I hit 126 pounds and never felt as good. I loved myself for all the hard work to get my body to that point. My goal is to get back there and I have several pounds before I hit that mark but I know I can do it again. Follow me as I post my updates and my workouts and as always feel free to reach out and join me!! Let’s get off the couch and do this. The hardest distance is the distance from your bed to the front door. We can do this and we will!