Healthy Veggie dip

so easy and tastes amazing all you need is: 2 cups cottage cheese 1 Cup plain Greek yogurt 1 Pakage hidden valley ranch veggie dip Carrots, Celery, Green peppers, Green onion, Califlower, Broccoli whatever you want for veggies

Back again

4.8 Mile bike ride today felt good!! Feels good working out and eating healthy again, I can’t believe how much I have missed feeling this good! Get out there and get a workout in you only regret the workout you didn’t do.

Daily workout

Yes I have been MIA but still have been working out but failed on my posting. Today I went for a little run it’s hot as h e double hockey sticks out but I got her done. Share with me your daily workout!!

Day 9

I am still not 100% but feel a little better was able to get 30 minutes of cardio in tonight. For Breakfast I ate a boiled egg. For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad with avocado dressing, so good. For Dinner I had a taco salad without the crunchy shell just over...

Day 7 & 8

I had a nasty cold that hot me hard I couldn’t breathe and felt very light headed. I still ate healthy even though I didn’t have much of a appetite. Hopefully tomorrow I have more energy to at least get some much needed cardio in, I feel so lazy but my...

Day 6

Feel great today. Ate avocado and boiled egg for breakfast had a grilled chicken salad with strawberry vinegrette dressing and for dinner ate a steak with boiled broccoli yum. Listed below is the exercise I did repeated 4 times and added 12 pound dumbells for an burn!...

Day 4 & 5

More and more energy not feeling hungry at all. I need to step up my workouts I have arthritis in my knees so that has been a challenge for me but I got this. Doing a great workout tomorrow join me and do it along with me ????????

Day 3

Today was a great day didn’t feel as tired and feel full off eating healthy all day. Avocado toast for breakfast, Grilled chicken salad for lunch, and Salmon and asparagus for dinner. Did 30 minutes of cardio and lifted weights feels good to get back to it....

Day 2

I felt better today a little more energy, my headache was not as bad today. I ate healthy and even was able to get 45 minutes of cardio in. Let me know if you want to join the body challenge it is not too late. I have more information for Zenith as well if anyone is...

Day One

The end of day one is almost over! Today I feel sluggish but I ate healthy and cut out my unhealthy foods and energy drinks. I know it takes time to adjust Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my body. I will weigh in tomorrow morning to see how the...