Ever wonder what happens to your body if you QUIT sugar all together?

First you get clearer skin.  Sugar can lead to acne, wrinkles, or conditions such as psoriasis.

You will build a stronger immune system.  Sugar weakens your immune system against viruses and infectious diseases by inhibiting the fighting strength of white blood cells.

Better moods.  Studies show that a high sugar diet can lead to crankiness, anxiety, and depression due to rapid rises in adrenaline levels.

Reduced the risk of cancer.  Sugar consumption has been linked to many forms of cancer such as ovarian, breast, lung, and prostate cancer.

You lose weight.  Many “low-fat” processed foods contain hidden sugar.  When you eat real foods, full fat foods you will actually lose weight.

You gain more energy.  Sugar gives you a quick burst of energy.  When blood sugar crashes that will leave you more exhausted than ever.  So quitting sugar will give you more energy and sparkle.

Now that you know the amazing health benefits of reducing sugar try to lower your intake of those empty calories and give your body a chance to benefit from healthy foods. If you find cutting sugar a challenge you can still do yourself a favor by removing sugary temptations from the pantry or fridge in your home.  You can do it I believe in you!