As I headed to the gym this morning I started making my morning energy drink and grabbed my sugar free margarita mix for my water. But why not add tequila and add an extra bonus, I’m sure at the end of my workout everyone will look so pretty lol. Kidding I did not add alcohol but it was one of those mornings I wanted to believe me. As I get to the gym there are about 7 people in there. All men of course, as I walk in they all just stare awkwardly at me as I walk by to get to the locker room to change my shoes. I come out and look over at the guy flexing in the mirror taking pictures. Then to the guy just texting away on his phone. The one guy singing out loud with his ear buds in. The sweaty guy not cleaning any machine he leaves. Of the 7 only three were actually pumping iron it was hilarious. First off I like my personal space don’t come in my bubble in a huge gym especially if I don’t know you. I was laying on the bench doing my tri extensions when this guy walked so close he hit my knees hanging off the bench, not even a sorry he just kept walking. You always need to wash your machine after you are done, guys I swear don’t get it, yes I love the wash the machine before and after I use it no worries you guys. And my question is I make noise when I am lifting something heavy I do but, is the excessive grunting necessary? I can’t be alone in this I just can’t be. So I finish my workout and hop on the treadmill for a little cardio blast and a cool down. As I am running I am watching the TV that is facing the huge wall mirror and this guy is obviously staring at my bum as I run I finished 3 minutes early and just turned and stared him down, his face immediately turned red and he looked down at the floor. I mean seriously is this every woman’s experience at the gym with men? I see why so many people workout at home if this is what happens, as I am leaving the gym I was seriously wishing I had mixed a margarita for the gym!!